Upper School Transition (Y3-Y4)

Upper School Transition focuses on children making the journey from the Lower School to the Upper School. Children will follow the same timetable structure as the Upper School, except for evening activities. They have lunch with the Upper School children, and classes in the main school building. Years 3 and 4 take part in sport together, alongside the Upper School.

For Upper School Transition students, Saturday School enrichment is available on Saturday mornings. These sessions are built around aspects such as life skills, public speaking, entrepreneurship and the school’s Kitchen Garden.

The end of the school day offers various options for parents.

Year 3

  • Option 1 – Children can be collected at 3.30pm, ‘straight home’
  • Option 2 – Children stay for Prep (homework) and can be collected at 4pm
  • Option 3 – Children join activities, at 4.30pm, eat supper and can be collected at 5.30pm
  • Option 4 – Children take part in music practice, or have a computer session, join in activities and can be collected at 7.15pm.