Boarding builds confidence, friendships and develops independence – as well as being a huge amount of fun!

Boarding at Horris Hill gives boys an opportunity to gain some away-from-home experience in a safe and comfortable environment – invaluable if you are considering a boarding senior school for your child.

We firmly believe in the benefits of a nurturing boarding environment and experience.  Boys learn to live as part of a community; it builds up their self-confidence, independence and organisation skills and make strong friendships across year groups.  

There is absolutely no pressure for boys to board.  However, all boys benefit from the boarding ethos, with the additional layer of wonderful community spirit and wrap around care that it provides.


We have four boarding houses.  Each house is run by a dedicated team led by a Housemaster and Housemother, supported by the resident staff. Boys are assigned to their boarding houses by age and are given a say in who they share a room with.

Our youngest boarding house is 'Private Side' and this sleeps the Year 3, 4 and 5 boys.  Private Side is above the Headmaster's house and it has a lovely, cosy feel to it.  Boys in Private Side get their first experience of boarding in a gently structured, fun and welcoming house.

'The Hill' is for boys in Year 6 and is situated in the heart of the main school.  As the boys are a little older they have a slightly later bedtime, giving them more time to relax and play games in their common room or very own games room. Their bedrooms are all named after planets, and Mrs Omar’s decorations are truly out of this world!

In Years 7 and 8 boarders are carefully assigned to one of our two senior boarding houses, 'The Bank' and 'The Wood', run by their own Housemasters and Housemothers. Boys remain in the same house for their final two years, where they experience a little more freedom. They are expected to take more responsibility for themselves and to show an even greater degree of organisation. They are encouraged to relax and wind down towards the end of the day in a setting not unlike a senior school boarding house. The houses are situated slightly away from the main school buildings, surrounded by woodland or gardens, allowing boys to leave schoolwork behind.


As well as Full Boarding, we offer Transition Boarding to Private Side and Hill boarders. Transition Boarding is for four nights per week, enabling boys to go home one midweek night and on weekends. We also offer Weekly Boarding to boys in all houses for those in the UK who wish to return home at weekends. We are a full boarding school with lots of resident staff on-site and so there are always lots of boys and staff here at weekends for those who stay in.

At whatever age your child joins us and whichever boarding option you choose, you can be sure that your child will thrive here and love being a Horris Hill boarder.