Photography and Video Consent


Throughout the academic year, we will take photographic, and video images of classes, groups, or individuals to assist both teaching and learning as well as to support the promotional purposes of the school and the group. Please could you provide us with consent to use any images or videos featuring your child in the following:

On the school/group website*
In printed/digital promotional materials, for example the school prospectus, newsletters, posters etc.*
On social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)*
In newspaper articles or publications to a wider audience (print or online), for example in relation to educational and sporting achievements, and charitable events.*
If we use your child’s name in conjunction with photos/videos it will only be the first name and year group. Are you happy to give consent for this?*

Some photos (i.e. for identification or video or audio coursework) are NOT processed based on consent (i.e. non optional)

You can withdraw or change your consent preferences at any time. To do so please contact